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Airbrushed Make-up Background info

  Almost all looks in Feride's Portfolio were created with airbrush make-up.

Why Airbrushed Make-up?
Airbrushed Make-up achieves extremely smooth poreless looking skin and allows for shinethru of very tiny details at the same time. The evenly distribution of a sprayed pigment mist paired with a very sensitive usage of materials enhances the airbrushed face rather than hiding its unique features under a layer (covering it up).

Since Airbrushed beauty make-up aims for a merely 10% coverage on the skin rather than the full cover of a regular product, the unique features of the face blend organically with the applied color. This combination fosters an exceptionally healthy and natural look. Even in “full armor”, made-up for the big social night of the season, a woman does not have to feel like wearing a Make-up mask.

And it will show: To most, she will simply be a georgeous female without any make-up at all. Or maybe just a tiny hint? But where? Even for a professional Make-up Artist, it is often hard to tell, wether the striking beauty of a woman in Airbrushed Make-up is not “just” natural proof of an afternoon on the beach, a good nights sleep and a happy lifestyle. Getting compareable results with a regular brush or a sponged fluid would be next to impossible in most cases.
(The well-known and widely feared joke/comment “she looks like a clown that swam thru a paint bucket” will no longer be applicable. Too bad!)

Is this Magic?
It almost sounds like magic. But no. Airbrushed Make-up puts ingenous design technology under the supreme command of natural beauty. The pigments are distributed over the skin as a mist of thousands of microdroplets. The droplets are so small, that one alone is almost invisible to the human eye. (We would love to show you an example, but normal computer screen resolution is not fine enough to be able to display such a small dot!) This is why Airbrushed make-up has the power to trick us into believing that there is no make-up at all and we are looking in a natural face. We just see the entire face looks great, but we are unable to determine why.

How does an Airbrushed Make-up system work?
Quite simple. An Airbrushed Make-up system consists of four components:
1. The Airbrush itself, sometimes called “the gun”. It has about the size and weight of a pen.
2. A thin flexible hose, that connects the Airbrush to the Airsource
3. The Airsource. Usually a compressor -about the size of two stacked pieces of soap- that puts out a soft continuous flow of air.
4. Specially formulated Make-up colors. Liquid, with a viscosity and thickness like milk to make them sprayable.

For application, a few drops of Make-up fluid are filled into the Airbrush gun which uses the compressors airflow to create a very fine mist over the desired area of the face/body. The constant softed airflow adheres the pigment onto the skin as it delivers it.

Where can I buy an Airbrushed Make-up system?
Feride Uslu has founded her own company "Uslu Airlines" to bring the beauty of airflow to make-up. Go to usluairlines.com and find out everything about it.

To be added (coming soon!):
Airbrush make-up as time saver, Stencil section, skin care/essential oil section,
sunscreen section, beauty make-up versus fantasy make-up,
male users, high definition TV section
black-white-transformation, suntan in 10 minutes
body make-up

As you see, our Airbrushed Make-up section is still under construction and many of the unique features of airbrush make-up that you can see on the models in the portfolio are not yet discussed here. We apologize, ask for your patience and meanwhile value your input very much. Please send an email to

We will answer all inquiries as soon as possible.

Yours truly, Feride Uslu